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I give you all Basco front to back. He his modeling his traveling pack for his scavenging inside the Hume living hole, but as they call it a “Doorm”. He hiked through the mud and gravel to be able to help his village live long and happy. Will he survive or perish?


He's Growing up so fast!

Basco from dust to clay I grow on and on.



Image Basco

This is the color palette for my group of my woodland folk!!! I wanted a cool mixed with some bright colors because the woodlands live inside the bottoms of trees, They need and like to blend in with their surroundings so they can get in out of our homes without being noticed.

The woodland above is Basco, the scavenger for the village. He as a knack for being gone for a long period of time just lurking in the homes of the Humes, The giant people who live outside the trees.

Have you ever noticed how something of yours goes missing after just having it in your hand, or when you put down your phone in one room and find it another! Well I bet you 50 bucks that it’s him, Basco just loves messing with those big humes.

Okay first post on my first project for, Design for Media class. The project is to find inspiration in one of Hiroshi Hayakawa’s most used styles, Menagerie and Figure as Landscape. I choose to go with figure as landscape, I have this cool idea to make human like figures out of sculpty and they would be no bigger then a small coke can and I would stick them in lightly wooded areas! The other idea I had was to make another humanoid figure or figures and craft them as landscapes themselves, trees, rocks and ect.

Some of artist that helped me choose what style to use and some of the ideas I had for them where Barbara Hepworth and her figure for landscape, and Francis Bacon’s In the Brush.