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Monthly Archives: October 2012

This the color Platte for the female Lab Monitor, She is also in the cause of change if need be.Image

Here is also more background character color choices!


Main Character Color Platte choices!

These are the six choices for the color platte for the main character. Our director Emma likes number four and six for their plain colored sweaters and bright colored pants.

Since we’re done designing characters it’s now time to start choosing and going over the color plattes for the characters!. The colors for our project are manly cool colors with an exception for a few things like the main characters avatar being slightly brighter then most of the background and the good troll. Some of the background characters will also be slightly brighter as well, but that will be mostly the party people from BookFace!Image

My idea for the color platte for the background people was to make them one solid color slightly changed from the back ground colors their be in.



These are three sketches of characters that could be found in the Devise Devil’s website! We have pigBoy, WolfGirl, and KittyKid the youngster lying about their age! Another update will be on these three’s process later today!

Lost File update on Character and Color!

This update is for the good troll( who I call Poxy) and these are the color ideas for her!

Week two is starting up and everybody is starting to crank out awesome! Last Thursday I posted the sketches of the good troll and tomorrow morning I’m going to finalize her! And I will be posting what she will look like here on my blog and also in our groups Dropbox Tomorrow as well!

These are my sketches for the good troll for our group project “Lost File”!!! 



ImageHer name is Poxy!

I also wrote the descriptions of what was going on for the first 47 story board panels.