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Ok during turkey weekend I worked on my Jewelry! So far I have 7 Necklace Charms, 3 Ring Charms, and 4 Earrings! And many more to come. Above are some of my necklace and Ring Charms and my earrings, also my sketches for a Logo for my line, and I call it “Luv Me”!!!!

These are are some sketches for my final project ideas!!!




These are three sketches of characters that could be found in the Devise Devil’s website! We have pigBoy, WolfGirl, and KittyKid the youngster lying about their age! Another update will be on these three’s process later today!

I give you all Basco front to back. He his modeling his traveling pack for his scavenging inside the Hume living hole, but as they call it a “Doorm”. He hiked through the mud and gravel to be able to help his village live long and happy. Will he survive or perish?